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Begin by using North American hardwoods in each of their cabinets. 
The wood is selected by our buyers to ensure that each lot meets our demanding specifications. 

The wood is then dried and moisture tested to ensure that we begin with the very best construction materials, each cabinet is then handcrafted. 

Each component part of the cabinet is created and hand assembled by our team of craftsmen. 

Carvings are completed by hand as is the drawer construction and door assembly.  

Along the way, James Martin has a team of highly trained quality control supervisors that check the work at each stage of production. 

The finish is applied in multiple steps and in multiple layers to give the piece a depth and richness that can only come with layering. 

The end result, again checked by our quality control team, is a unique product, much like a work of art. 

While they may be similar, the manufacturing process they employ ensures that each cabinet is a one of a kind piece created by their team for your home.

James Martin Vanities: Collections
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